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Additional Services


Gutter Cleaning

Over time gutters become full of debris, whether this is leaves from surrounding trees, moss or debris from the roof or any other dirt that may find its way into your gutters. slowly over time this prevents the gutters from flowing and can cause a variety of problems for home owners. blocked guttering is the leading cause of dampness in properties, as your gutters become blocked and overflow a common problem is dampness in brickwork, which can in turn result in need for expensive repair work.
We have invested in the very latest gutter cleaning equipment called sky vac, which is highly rated within the industry. This gutter cleaning system allows us to carry out most of our work out from the safety of the ground eliminating the danger of working at heights. Using the powerful gutter vacuum we will suck all dirt, grime, debris, including water/ sludge till your gutters are completely empty.
We also use a hi tech camera and monitor which can allow us to view all of your gutters, to ensure that we have completely emptied your gutters.

Gutter,Fascia, Soffit & all UPVC Cleaning

Over time the general appearance of your gutters/ fascias will become dirty, and in some cases they may even become discoloured. whilst the most important function of your guttering is to divert the water away from your house as to avoid structural damage through damp. Dirty guttering, fascias and soffit boards also affect the aesthetics of the outside of your property. We can provide a specialist cleaning service to ensure that we can restore all your UPVC to the highest standard without compromising health and safety.

Conservatory Cleaning

Upon request we can clean the exterior roof glass or polycarbonate on your conservatory. this would be at specified intervals or as a one off clean when asked to do so. we would normally first utilise a light detergent containing algaecide to clean off the green slime and lichen that builds up on the roof panels and trims. The reach and wash watered pole system ensures in most cases we can get access to your conservatory roof without the need to climb over it. we also have specialist ladders for the larger conservatories where access is restricted.

Chimney Sweeping

we have invested a lot of money into training and purchasing all the very latest chimney sweeping equipment to ensure we only offer the very highest standard of chimney sweeping.
We can also issue a certificate after the cleaning on behalf of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CHIMNEY SWEEPS ( NACS ) which is recognised by Gas Safe HETAS and all major insurance companies.
SMOKELESS FUEL (Once a year)
BITUMINOUS COAL (At least twice a year)
WOOD (Quarterly when in use)
OIL (Once a year) GAS (Once a year)

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